East River EP

by Griffin Jennings

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Here are some songs I wrote this semester at school.


released July 1, 2014

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Griffin Jennings

Thank you to all the players:
Maya Moskowitz
Ethan Cohen
Patrick Dunaj
Alton Smith
Gordon Brown
Santino Stropoli



all rights reserved


Griffin Jennings Oberlin, Ohio

NYC/Oberlin, OH Based guitarist/ songwriter/ composer

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Track Name: Jesus (Intro)
Jesus made me see
He has a plan for me
and I don't have no one else to follow
Track Name: East River
Lonely riverside
Wash away my mind
And take my neighborhood as you rise

Fathomless and dark
Corrode my lonely heart
I know they'll try to keep us apart

You used to be so simple
Walking through the dark
Now your eyes they shine
Jade and silver

let my body be swept away
Ill return to you one day
Track Name: Wash My Sins Away
There was something about the look in your eyes
Are you shaking?
Didn't get to sleep last night
What were you thinking?
Remember when we had the world to ourselves
You know you're always on my mind

And I can't help but take it a bit too far
I need to wash my sins away
Taken by storm I know I'd sell my soul
If I could relive the day

There was some kind of look in your eyes
When you woke up in the middle of the night
Remember when we let the world fall apart?
Are you waking up?
Did you make it out?
Have you had enough?
With no future in sight
On a cold winter day
In the morning I saw you shaking
Track Name: Winter Blues
Lord, do I seem vain?
Sometimes people just confuse me
Lord, do I seem vague?
So hard to find the right words to say

On the bus with the winter blues
Nothing to do except look at you
I've been lost for so long
But I'll keep writing these songs
Track Name: Stem the Tide
Open your eyes
When it's time to be moving on
Open your heart again
It cannot mend alone

All things will pass
Your love is just a doorway
Into the past
Don't you turn back so easy

One year is gone
And in my mind theres a shadow growing
Only life could make a great love burn out
Only a dream
Just a memory ceased to be